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Closed Restaurant North Florida St. Augustine

Blondi’s Oasis Diner – St. Augustine, Florida – CLOSED

Right around the corner from the hotel, we were staying at was a late night diner called Blondi’s Oasis.

My wife Marcela was in a breakfast kind mood while I was in a…you guessed it! A Burger kinda mood.

Doubling up on the Caffeine
Doubling up on the Caffeine

My Patty Melt came along with a couple of the usual diner suspects, Cole Slaw and a Pickle Spear…..also known as things I ignore aka filler.

Slaw & Pickle Spear
Slaw & Pickle Spear

Marcela’s Breakfast Skillet brought a couple of Eggs on Ham, Onions, Potatoes & Cheese, she opted for Whole Wheat Toast with Butter. She dug in and really enjoyed it.

Breakfast Skillet

My Patty Melt was right on. There were no earth-shattering changes made to it, it was exactly as I’d expect from a late night diner, no disappointment here. The Fries came a little bit after the ‘Melt and could have used a tad bit more frying.

Patty Melt
Patty Melt
just fried French Fries
just fried French Fries

If you’re in need of a diner fix and in the area, hit up Blondi’s to fill that empty spot in your stomach.

Blondi’s Oasis Diner is CLOSED
2369 FL-16, St Augustine, FL 32084
904 819-6605

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