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Chicken Kitchen – West Palm Beach Turnpike Plaza

Chicken Kitchen - West Palm Turnpike

I’ve been to Chicken Kitchen 1001 times so when I walked in the West Palm Beach Turnpike Plaza I expected to order my usual Original Chop Chop and drown it with their Mustard Curry. That didn’t happen, what did happen was I noticed an item on their menu I’ve never seen at any of the Miami locations, chicken strips.

Chicken Strips
Chicken Strips
Mustard Curry aka Liquid Gold
Mustard Curry aka Liquid Gold

Freakin’ chicken strips! Of course, I placed the large order which came with those fries with that weird texture on the outside. It took a little longer than getting a Chop Chop since they hand bread each strip and drop them into the fryer right there. They came with no sauce so I asked for some mustard curry. I’d like to mention that I have the recipe for their mustard curry if you’re looking for it. The strips had some Spanish style seasoning on them and really hit the spot. I prefer eating the Original Chop Chop but a chicken strip every once in a while never hurt anyone.

Chicken Kitchen
West Palm Beach Turnpike Plaza

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