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Madre’s – St. Augustine, Florida – CLOSED

Madre's - St. Augustine, Florida

Madre’s is located in Downtown St. Augustine. It caught my eye as my wife Marcela and I was walking around checking the shops. It stood out amongst the other food chain type of establishments around.

Its food is Mexican by way of California which I’m ok with as long as the ingredients are good. I should have probably ordered the jalapeno poppers which are probably the largest I’ve ever seen and from what I can tell, homemade. I thought about the burrito til I saw a Burger with Chorizo on the menu. Plan changed.

Chips & Salsa
Chips & Salsa
Steak Nachos
Steak Nachos
Chorizo Burger
Chorizo Burger

I was pretty excited to find this. It wasn’t a standard Burger, after a few bites I noticed the Chorizo wasn’t really worked into the ground beef. I’m still not sure if that was intentional. The Chorizo Burger was almost like a Chorizo Jucy Lucy.

It has a real potent Chorizo taste which was slightly defused by the ground beef. This was a great Burger find in the unlikeliest of places but I’ll hopefully get a chance to try those poppers next time I’m in town.

Madre’s is CLOSED
8 Aviles Street St. Augustine, FL 32084

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