The Ravenous Pig – Winter Park, Florida

The Ravenous Pig - Winter Park, Florida

I couldn’t mention I was coming to Orlando without someone asking if I had eaten the Burger at Ravenous Pig. So, I found myself at Ravenous Pig for lunch just as they opened their doors.

Decor Inside

Decor Inside

We started the meal with a chilled Corn Soup. I must have missed the memo on the chilled part but I did enjoy it.

Cold Corn Soup

Cold Corn Soup

They had me at Soft Pretzels. The two pretzels bring a Taleggio-Porter Fondue along with a Whole Grain Mustard that I wish lived in my refrigerator. Yes, you must order this.

Pretzel w/Grain Mustard

Pretzel w/Whole Grain Mustard

Grain Mustard

Whole Grain Mustard

Of course, I ordered the Pub Burger (Meyers Natural Angus Beef, Caramelized Onions, Buttermilk Blue Cheese on a Brioche Bun). If I told you it was as good as it looks, it’d be a lie. It was way better than that mouth-watering picture shows below. I liked the shoestring fries too.

Ravenous Pig Burger

Ravenous Pig Pub Burger

I’d like to come back for dinner at some point and try a bunch of different dishes. I have a feeling I would love them all.

Come Hungry:

The Ravenous Pig
1234 N. Orange Ave. Winter Park, FL 32789