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Sugar Yummy Mama - Giselle Pinto

BB: Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.

Giselle: Most people know I am Venezuelan and that I am 37 yrs. old (haha). I used to be in advertising for over 17 years (started very young as an audiovisual producer, probably the youngest to handle pretty big projects for the back then largest agency in Venezuela (Ogilvy & Mather). I moved to the states to finish my studies. I have an Advertising Associate degree, a Business Major with a Minor in Marketing and a Masters degree in Corporate Communications.

I have lived in NYC, Austin and most recently in Washington D.C. which was my first job out of advertising. I worked as a Food Service Deputy Director for the Public Schools of the District. I love food.

BB: How did the idea for Sugar Yummy Mama come up?

Giselle: When I was living in Austin, Texas I found myself eating pretty frequently at food trucks. I was obsessed with the high standards of food for this non-pretentious gourmet city, very Austin weird. Every time I would go to shoot a TV commercial at other cities like Los Angeles, I would also go check out the trucks. Or if I was on a business trip to NYC, I would do the same too.

So at first, I thought of a restaurant with Venezuelan delicacies. However, the location I liked in downtown Austin allowed me to sell liquor but not to cook food. Consequently, there were two bars nearby and they started developing the idea of having food trucks arrive around 10PM to the bars. It was a complete success –the law was promoting this type of joint venture: people will stay longer drinking and a nice or more casual truck will come to the bar. Eventually, I thought there were too many trucks in Austin. I got the job in Washington (which I eventually quit) and came to Miami without doubting the fact that a cake pop will make Miamian’s life sweeter!

BB: What item on your menu best sums up Sugar Yummy Mama?

Giselle: The cake pops, however, my concept is all about practical ways to eat gourmet desserts.

BB: Where does your passion come from?

Giselle: I am a Sagittarius!! LOL! Seriously, I think it was my parents who exposed me to many cultures culinary-wise and social-wise. I went to an Italian elementary school and to a French high school. Food has been always part of my life and desserts always put a smile on your face.

BB: What do you want to say to your fans?

Giselle: Have dessert first because life is short!!

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