The Cheese Steak Gourmet Food Truck – CLOSED

The Cheese Steak Gourmet comes to you with protein options that include Shaved Rib-Eye to Chicken and even Pork Belly. While the CSG Staples look great you’ll also have the option to create your own masterpiece from a whole slew of toppings. Don’t forget to add an egg on your Cheese Steak! It doesn’t stop there. There are Corn Nuggets, Fried Cukes , and even Disco Fries (a must have). And to wash it all down you have the option of either their Daily Bread Pudding or Donuts. I’m stuffed just thinking about it.



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Cheese Steak Gourmet is CLOSED
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  1. Chad S.

    August 17, 2011 at 5:01 PM

    I went down to the rally at the hard rock last week but got there too late and didn’t have the opportunity to try one of their cheese streaks because they sold out of ribeye… needless to say I was disappointed seeing as this menu looks amazing, BUT I did go down to panther coffee in Miami today where they were parked outside, so I tried them out for lunch. These guys aren’t messing around. We tried 3 of their cheese steaks and I was impressed with all of them. The Chogo, the Brapplesteak and the B.E.C (Bacon Egg and Cheese). I wont give a detailed review of each, because it would take a while, but I loved all three! The Korean flavor along with the havarti on the Chogo was phenomenal and original, the apples, brie and honey on the Brapplesteak made for a very delicious (and also original) sandwich, but I think of all three I enjoyed the B.E.C. the most. Classic ingredients, but executed to perfection. Do yourself a favor and try out The Cheese Steak Gourmet at the next food truck event that you attend! you wont be disappointed.