Chubs Subs & Wings – Key Largo, Florida – CLOSED

I was on my way back from Key West when I remembered there was a sub shop that had opened up in Key Largo last year. One tip I will give you to finding Chubs Subs & Wings, it’s in the strip mall with the Publix. My friend and I went crazy as my GPS couldn’t seem to figure it out.

Cheese Steak  Sub

After much deliberation (I’m exaggerating a little here) we decide to split 2 subs, a Cheese Steak and Cheeseburger. Both dudes are served on some great crusty sub bread. The Cheese Steak was a solid affair with the onions and cheese doing their duty.  I preferred the Cheeseburger Sub whose fresh patties were chopped up. I had the fast food trinity of sauces (ketchup, mustard, and mayo) added to it but in retrospect, it didn’t need it. The meat tasted great and was fine with just the cheese and grilled onions.

Cheese Burger Sub

I forgot to mention that when we were walking up to the shop I noticed some signs informing you that they carry Frankie’s Pizza from Westchester. Frankie’s Pizza is one of those longtime Miami institutions that you should be embarrassed if you’ve never tried. They’re known for their square slices, divine pepperoni and the free slice they put on your pizza box when you order. I could probably eat a case of those little pepperonis, they’re that good.

We could not pass up the opportunity to order some Frankie’s and I commend them for bringing a slice of Westchester (where I grew up) to the Keys.

Frankie’s Pizza at Chubs Subs & Wings

I’m past my prime for competing in eating challenges but if it’s your thing, there are a couple of them here. The Chub Challenge involves eating a fully loaded 5-pound sub in under 45 minutes. This has yet to be conquered, not much of a surprise there.

The Apocalypso-Oh Challenge which you’re more likely to beat involves eating 13 wings (in 13 minutes) tossed in a sauce so hot you need to sign a waiver. What do you win if you conquer these challenges? An exclusive shirt proclaiming your victory as well as your picture on their wall. I’m all for competition but I’ll stick to my Cheeseburger sub thank you very much.

Eat at:

Chubs Subs & Wings is CLOSED
101429 Overseas Highway
Mile Marker 101.4 Key Largo, FL

Comments (4):

  1. Theresa Yong

    March 9, 2012 at 7:56 AM

    We use ghost chile extract, our regular buffalo sauce and a little surprise ingredient to give it a little texture and grit so it sticks when it goes down! Come try it!

    Thanks BB for the great review! Glad you finally made it!

  2. Cassandra Turner

    March 12, 2012 at 3:53 AM

    the cheese burger sub looks soo, good.
    Aproximately how many calories are in a whole one.