C&S Brisket Bus Food Truck – CLOSED

I’ve been up to several Food Truck Events in Orlando but I’ve never run into the C&S Brisket Bus, not for lack of trying though. It was inevitable this weekend that we would collide as they were not only attending the Food Truck Rally at Gulfstream Park but also the closing party at #SoBeWFF Trucks on the Beach.

C&S Brisket Bus

At Gulfstream, you had the option to choose from 5 or 6 different sandwiches while the #SoBeWFF event just had the one Brisket Bus Reuben. The Tex-Mex was slow smoked sliced Brisket, Cheddar Cheese and Jalapeños between 2 slices of Texas Toast. It was such a great sandwich I thought there’s no way they could top it, that is until I had their Black N Blue.

Tex-Mex Sandwich

The Black N Blue with its Blackened Brisket, Roasted Garlic & Blue Cheese Mayo and thick cut Bacon was unbelievable. I pretty much inhaled this sandwich, I’ll leave it at that. You MUST seek this mother f’er out!

Black ‘N’ Blue

The Trucks on the Beach event saw C&S Brisket Bus put out a nice little 3 bite sandwich. The Brisket Bus Reuben is “House Cured Pastrami on Old Hearth Rye, Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut and Horseradish Russian” topped with a Gherkin pickle halfsie. I’m not a pickle person so after I removed the little fellow it was on. This was another mind-blowing sandwich and I’m not the only one who thought so as Andrew Zimmern (Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods) who hosted the event not only mentioned how much he loved it on stage but tweeted “Best sandwich I have eaten in a long time. And perfect pastrami“.

Brisket Bus Reuben

If you’re from South Florida and didn’t hit them up then I’m sorry to say you missed out. If you’re from Orlando then you are some lucky ducks. But I’m gonna assume you already knew that!

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Brisket Bus is CLOSED