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OneBurger Opens 2nd Location in Sunrise

OneBurger just opened their second South Florida location in Sunrise (1st is in Coral Gables) near everyone’s favorite mega store IKEA. My suggestion, if you’ve never been to OneBurger is to have the Black Castle which recreates the flavor profile of a properly flavored slider. You also can’t miss with the Double Stack. Just keep me posted as to where the OneBurger wind takes you.

OneBurger Sunrise Location (pic courtesy of OneBurger)

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133 NW 136th Ave, Plantation, FL 33325

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  • I went to the Gables one once. I wasn’t too impressed. It was really expensive, the service was crappy, and the food was ok but nothing to write home about. I don’t even remember what I had except we ordered the sweet potato fries with some sort of topping and it was so sad the tiny little sprinkle they threw on there. Lame.

    • I agree with you! I just went there to the location in Sunrise for lunch and had the “turkey spa” nothing really worth mentioning. It had no taste really. And the service SUCKS!!! difinitely have no intentions on going back.

      • I went to Sunrise location too, it was disappointing. My burger was greasy and has no flavor except for the toppings and the fries were OK, I’ve had better at plenty of other places…

  • we have been there several times. The burgers is solid, not out of the world, but certainly in league with shake shack. The spicy fries are why we keep coming back. So there.

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