BGR’s March Burger is the Reuben Burger

BGR The Burger Joint’s new Burger of the Month for March is their take on a Reuben Sandwich. The Reuben Burger (a prime, dry-aged patty loaded with Thousand Island dressing, Sauerkraut and succulent, thinly sliced Corned Beef) plus the Girl Scout Thin Mint Shake (which blends creamy vanilla ice cream with the minty, chocolaty cookie) are only available during the month of March. Sounds good, looks good but there’s only one way to find out…..

Reuben Burger and Thin Mint Shake (pic courtesy of BGR)


BGR’s 2 South Florida locations:

Coral Gables
232 Miracle Mile Coral Gables, Florida

Carter Square
13668 SW 88th Street Miami, Florida

Comments (1):

  1. Camila S.

    March 7, 2012 at 4:38 PM

    From the time I got into BGR I thought something was a bit off. The place seemed “plastic” (an old Miami term), And the food/service lived up to that feeling. The burgers (mine and my boyfriend’s) were sub-par at best. Funny that a place that is supposed to specialize in burgers drops the ball on the very item in their name.
    I rather eat at 5 Guys or the new Smash Burger any day of the week. Good luck BGR.