Loven Ovens – Medley, Florida

I hadn’t been to Loven Ovens in a few years since I moved to a different home. Today when I woke up I was hungry and only their Fugazza Pizza would do.

After driving over to their location in Doral they weren’t there anymore. After a quick internet search (not that quick, my cell phone service was acting up), I was off to Medley to fulfill my lunch fantasy.

Then I placed my order on the phone and got lost on the way there. Loven Ovens is now in a larger and much nicer space but in the middle of pretty much nowhere.

Garlic Rolls and a Meatball Sub rounded out my order but I was really only here for one thing, the Fugazza. The Fugazza Pizza is a double layered thin crust Pizza with a triple portion of Mozzarella Cheese, topped with their spiced sauce and thin raw onion slivers.

Unfortunately, the pizza was warm and not hot, my fault for getting lost and not realizing what a drive it was.

Did it matter to me? Nope.

You know why? It was exactly what I needed.

Fugazza Pizza

slice of Fugazza goodness

Get Fugazza’d:

Loven Ovens
10505 NW 112 Avenue, Medley, Florida 33178