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BurgerQue – Ft. Myers, Florida

BurgerQue - Fort Myers, Florida

BurgerQue is not a fast food joint. Most folks will take one look at it and assume that which is bad for 2 reasons. First, the food is not fast food as there is much depth of flavor and secondly you’re not gonna get your order in 120 seconds. It’s gonna take a little longer than to get something this good.

Your options are either to order “to go” or sit and eat at the benches situated to the right of the building. It was a breezy night so we opted for the latter. Eating with 2 other folks always allows you the opportunity to place a large order with the intention to share with everyone. It tends to work out pretty well unless one of the food items turns out to be so good everyone is trying to devour it first.

BurgerQue’s Lemonade was refreshing and the right amount of tart. The Mac N Cheese while pretty good does its job but won’t win any awards. The fresh cut Chips were crispy, salted and just plain delicious. I could have had the entire order which was difficult since we had the “Family Size” and it was pretty large.

Mac 'N Cheese
Mac ‘N Cheese

The Chili Cheese Dog is just that with “Corky’s Chili”. Hey Corky, wherever you are I love you. It was a real nice meaty chili, just up my alley. The Burger was a Double Bacon Cheese duder. It reminded me a bit of Five Guys but with a bit more flavor and less grease. The bun was perfect too.

Chili Cheese Dog
Chili Cheese Dog
Bacon CheeseBurger
Bacon CheeseBurger

The Pulled Pork sandwich came on the same bun as the Burger which was a plus. The downside was I had the brisket just before it and I couldn’t get it out of my mind. The Brisket was juicy and was complimented well with a smokey BBQ sauce that didn’t overpower it. In more simple terms, the great Brisket taste was not drowned out by the sauce. This is a definite must order item.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich
Brisket Sandwich - open for your viewing
Brisket Sandwich – open for your viewing

If I lived in Ft. Myers, I’d be hitting this place up regularly but since I don’t, a road trip to visit this gem in the near future again is a great possibility.

Here is a more recent visit to BurgerQue:

Get BurgerQue’d:

3852 Cleveland Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33901

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  • This place is AWESOME!!! I am from Texas and always looking for good bar-b-que, this place surpasses anything I have tasted in this area!! My son told me about this place when he moved across the street from there, you just can not go wrong with that place. Their chili is too die for, I have never tasted so much flavor in a chili. Their brisket melts in your mouth, I thought I died and went to heaven! I love this place so much, I have decided to order their brisket, chicken, and pulled pork along with their sides, tea, and lemonade for Thanksgiving Dinner…I know that’s weird but this place is that damn good!!

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