Donut King – Minneola, Florida

Who would have thought it would have taken driving out to Minneola (just outside of Orlando) to find a place that makes not only crazy good fresh donuts but the friend of drunk people across the states, sliders. My bud Droolius (make sure you check out his blog) convinced me that this 24-hour donut emporium was worth the 40-minute drive from my hotel at 10PM.

Donut King Box

During our brief phone conversation prior to arriving Droolius also mentioned that sliders were served. I was skeptical since what shop that prides itself on selling freshly made donuts would want to get into the greasy world of real sliders.

Shhhh… Don’t wake them!

Donut King Slider: Hold the Pickles

I know what you’re thinking and no they’re not fresh but frozen. This is one of those instances that it should not deter you because if you’re here on a 4AM bender, I don’t really think that will stop you. It looks like a slider, it tastes like a slider and gosh darn-it people worship it……at 4AM.

Giant Chocolate Donut

Giant Chocolate Donut with Smaller below for Scale

The first donut that caught my eye when I walked in was the plate size Chocolate Donut. I added a second picture so you can get some scope on just how large it was. I didn’t order it because number 1: I wouldn’t finish it and number 2: the Chocolate Stuffed Donut sounded like a better option.

Chocolate & Apple Stuffed Donuts

Apple Stuffed Donut

Yes, I liked the Chocolate Stuffed Donut but the Apple Stuffed Donut was much better and reminded me of an amazing baked apple pie with some hints of the old McDonald’s deep-fried apple pie thrown in for good measure.

Glazed Donut

The glazed donut was a thing of sheer beauty but not like one of those Sweet 16s girls from MTV, there was substance behind this glaze. Best donut I’ve ever had? I would say very close and definitely better than the green KK (that’s Krispy Kreme for those of you playing at home). The glaze seemed to have a very light Hazelnut taste to it which was nice. Once I put this one down I was done for the night, it was actually 2AM at this point.

Strawberry Donut

Red Velvet Donut

Droolius insisted that I try the Strawberry (I’m not a Strawberry fan) so I pinky scooped some leftover topping from the box to discover it tasted like Mentos. I never did get to try the Red Velvet Donut but I figured I should include the picture since it does look so tasty.

If I had to do over, would I make the 40-minute drive again? Absolutely, these donuts will stick in your head for a few days. I didn’t even mention how cool the folks working there were to put up with us for 3 hours but I guess that’s life in the 24-hour donut business.


Eat a Donut Whenever:

Donut King
Facebook: Donut King
208 South Highway 27 Minneola, FL 34715

Comments (2):

  1. Droolius

    April 11, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    Good Times my friend! Next time I’m in Miami, bring me to a donut shop! My treat lol =)

  2. Jerry E

    March 2, 2013 at 11:05 AM

    Donut King is A M A Z I N G ! ! I have had donuts from one side of this country to the other and this place beats them all hands down! Awesome, awesome, awesome donuts. My favorites are the Apple Fritter and the Chocolate Chip Donut – The “regular” food is also extremely well done – how many donut shops can you name that serve an incredible shrimp po boy? Worth the drive from anywhere.