Amstel Light’s “Savor Complexity” features….Burgers!

At the 2012 SoBe Burger Bash earlier this year, Amstel Light  launched their “Savor Complexity” campaign. Amstel Light is of course a very big part of that event and the title sponsor so it makes sense they would keep their burger association going throughout the rest of the year.

The Amstel Light “Savor Complexity” poster above lists some great toppings and condiments associated with the humble burger. It concludes with the Complex Tale of the Burger:

A simple slice of pizza can be fine. A simple pasta dish can be great. But when it comes to a man’s burger, that’s a whole other meatball. Because you want that thing to tell a story. You want it to have chapters of flavor. You want its description on the menu to read like a bibliography – citing sources for each,
delectable ingredient. You don’t just want to taste the beef. You want to know
what kind of parents it had. Was it grass fed or corn fed? Was it free range or feedlot? What kind of hobbies did the cow enjoy? Every detail makes every bite that much more drippingly delicious. The burger is earth’s truest example of a single entity being greater than the sum of its parts. Because with an unbelievable burger, it’s not about simplicity. It’s ALL about complexity.

My final thoughts….It would make a great poster, don’t cha’ think?