Tudor House – Miami Beach – CLOSED

Just some weeks ago, Chowfather mentioned that I should check out Tudor House’s Ugly Burger. If he tells me it’s a must then it’s a must. We decide to meet up right at lunch, which for Tudor House starts at 12PM. I arrive a little bit early so I order the Pastry Basket and a Coke which I’m pleasantly happy to find out is of the Mexican variety (with Sugar instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup).

Pastry Basket w/French Butter

The Croissant is absolutely mesmerizing and that French Butter is really unbelievable. I’m going halfsies on these so Chowfather can get a taste when he arrives. They’re all fresh and tasty which is what I needed to open up my appetite for his royal ugliness (the burger not Chowfather).

Ugly Burger…..But So Good

Once the don arrives we order and I impatiently wait for this burger. I’ve been keeping my cards close to my chest on this one as I’ve wanted to try this burger since I heard about it. My suspicions about it have been confirmed by many whose burger opinions I value and at long last, ugly is finally here. It really does look very beautiful and not ugly in any sense. This burger is what I’ll call “of the amazing category”. Yes, I’m saying run over and eat this, it’s stupendous and just so good I was planning my next visit while only 2 bites in. The fresh cut Fries are up there with the greats too. There is nothing ugly to find here. Well, I was there but…

Get Ugly:

Tudor House is CLOSED
1111 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139