Olde Dixie Fried Chicken – Orlando, Florida – CLOSED

“Nice hat!” is what I thought once we parked. Nothing in this joint has been updated in at least 30 years. Olde Dixie Fried Chicken is retro, old school, and any other term everyone has heaped on it but it’s also a dive, which is closest to what it really is. It’s a dive with lots of charm though.

After ordering we sat down in the eating area and awaited our grub. I’ve heard folks mention that the chicken comes out dry since it’s been sitting under heat lamps, we’ll see what happens. My 2 piece (breast & wing) with fries and a side of mashed potatoes arrive. The mashed potatoes are of the powdered variety BUT the yellowish transparent gravy which one can only hope is a Chicken gravy was extra special. A biscuit would have definitely come in handy in this case but they don’t make any (you do get a roll though).

Mash Potatoes

My chicken breast was almost perfectly cooked but just a little bit over into the greasy category, dry it was not. It was definitely just fried and had some good “fried chicken” taste to it. The wing was the exact opposite and all dried up. He’d been definitely living it up and getting his rays for the last couple of hours. The exposure caused him to get slightly crispier which was not a good exchange for the dryness. The fries were crinkle cut and as are most frozen fries, in need of a ketchup bath.

Fried Chicken w/Mash Potatoes & Crinkle Cut Fries

I’d suggest you give Old Dixie Fried Chicken a try if anything for the experience. You might roll the dice and end up with 2 dried or crispy fried pieces of chicken but the gravy on those potatoes is a worthy consolation prize.

Get Olde & Fried:

Olde Dixie Fried Chicken is CLOSED
5925 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL 32809

Comments (3):

  1. Suzy Q

    June 18, 2012 at 5:53 PM

    Pass. Any place that can’t make decent fried chicken (and yet boasts it as a specialty) and also used instant mashed potatoes (NEVER acceptable) doesn’t get my money.

  2. Lynda Harrell Biggar

    June 19, 2017 at 6:55 PM

    So disagree! Love their chicken.