Bizarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern visits Miami

Back in December Andrew Zimmern visited Miami to film an episode of Bizarre Foods America. I remember following him via Twitter and being excited at the choices he had made. Over the last few years as Miami has been cultivating a food scene a few folks have filmed episodes but have not managed to capture what a native knows. No, the episode isn’t perfect but it’s a great starter for someone who is going to visit Miami.

Sure, Joe’s Stone Crab makes its required appearance but it is very Miami so that’s ok with me. It was great to see La Camaronera, el Palacio de los Jugos (I drive by this place every day), Prime 112 (yes, I like this place), La Caja China, Fritanga Montelimar and Raspados Loly’s with fleshed out segments.

But the most surreal part was seeing Raspados Loly’s on the show. My wife is Nicaraguan and I’ve going there with her for years so it’s nice to see something so obscure getting national exposure.

The selection of locals on there was the best I’ve seen with Chefs Michael Schwartz and Michelle Bernstein, Lee Schrager, Lesley Abravanel, Rodolfo Roman as well as the whole Cobaya sequence with The Chowfather, Frodnesor & SteveBM‘s moustache (<—click).

Watch the episode cause it shines the right light on us here in South Florida. Andrew Zimmern is such a cool motherfucker and you know what? So are we.

There’s nothing like seeing the real thing but if you haven’t watched the episode yet, check out the recap from Travel Channel:

Picture at Fritanga Montelimar is courtesy of Travel Channel.
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