Tio Colo Bocaditos De Helado – Hialeah, Florida

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You mean you haven’t heard of Tio Colo’s Bocaditos de Helado?!? Really, neither had I but they have been more than 4 years. Tucked away in a busy shopping center, “entre los dos maniqui” as one employee told me they serve up the same Cuban Ice Cream treats they did when they lived in their motherland.

I walked into this simple space on a hot Sunday afternoon and felt like I had just walked off the beach. It was quiet, inviting and just cool enough to make you forget it’s 100 plus degrees out.

Their menu was really simple, Ice Cream served in a few traditional Cuban ways. Some of which I didn’t even know existed – ever heard of an Ensalada de Helado (Ice Cream Salad)?

Tio Colo's Menu

Tio Colo’s Menu

Despite all these options, I went to Tio Colo for one thing and one thing only: Bocaditos de Helado. I stared into the case and made a lot of choices. I wish I had tried more, but I can remedy that at a later time.

The basic way a Bocadito de Helado differs from an American Ice Cream Sandwich is the “Bread”. These Bocaditos de Helado are sandwiched between two spongy, sweet, almost crispy pieces of homemade Yellow Cake. They are crispy because of the Sugar they are coated in, just plain Sugar but it makes such an impact. Also, it’s worth noting that the folks at Tio Colo’s are serious about their Ice Cream; to the point, that part of the Ice Cream process happens right there on their premises.

Check out this crazy Tower of Bocaditos de Helado I made. I was very much like a kid in a candy store in this place!

Tio Colo's Ice Cream Tower

Tio Colo’s Ice Cream Tower

The peak of this tower is the Mantecado Bocadito. I could not resist biting into before snapping the shot. Included in this masterpiece is a Chocolate, Strawberry and Guava Bocadito. You really have to see the Guava up close…

Tio Colo's Guava

Tio Colo’s Guava

Bite into it and you would almost think you were eating a Pastelito. I could not choose a favorite – or maybe I could, but I’d have to go back and try all the Bocadito options.

I am also really curious about this Ensalada de Helado. The way the store employee described it to me was so sweet and warm. His memories were fresh and real. He and his family would walk three miles to the Ice Cream shop, have an Ensalada de Helado which is just a bowl of mixed scoops of ice cream and walk back home. “No need to worry about gaining weight when you were walking like that,” he said.

Leaving here made me wish I had a Tio Colo to make me Bocaditos,  but knowing this place is nearby and seemingly not going anywhere makes me feel a whole lot better.

Don’t Forget to Visit your Tio:

Tio ColoHialeah
8051 West 24th Ave. Unit 1 Hialeah, FL


Tio Colo is CLOSED
6268 SW 8th St. West Miami, FL