“Hot and Sweaty” Meatball Eating Contest at Wicked Awesome Snack Bar in Boca Raton

Are you into eating contests and most importantly are you insane? Well then, I’d set aside Saturday August 18th (7PM) on your calendar to come out and prove what a bad ass you are. Wicked Awesome Snack Bar in Boca Raton is hosting its first ever “Hot and Sweaty Meatball Eating Contest”. Below are all the details:

The contest will give pepperphiles 10 minutes to eat as many of Wicked Awesome’s delicious chicken meatballs as possible. The catch? Aside from each meatball being plenty spicy, a few select ‘balls per tray will be laced with ultra-hot ghost peppers. Contestants looking to cool their mouths won’t find much respite, either; the only beverage allowed to be consumed during that 10 minute window is Billy’s Chilies from Twisted Pine Brewing Company of Boulder, Colorado. The mouth-tingling beer is made with Fresno, Anaheim, jalapeno, habanero, and Serrano peppers.

Whatever lucky winner can stand the heat will end up with an epic prize: one of every craft beer that Wicked Awesome stocks, a prize worth $300.

Spectators not looking to enter a fiery pit of despair will be treated to quite a scene — and some good grub too. Wicked Awesome will feature custom dishes for the night, each paired with Twisted Pine beers such as Billy’s Chilies, Raspberry Wheat, and Hoppy Boy (an India Pale Ale).

I wish you and your ass much luck!

The Details:

“Hot and Sweaty” Meatball Eating Contest
at Wicked Awesome Snack Bar
Date: Saturday August 18th
Time: 7PM
Cost: $10 to enter (Call 561-883-3200), FREE to watch
Address: 20642 State Road 7 Boca Raton, FL 33498

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