Knucklehead Burgers – Davie, Florida – CLOSED

I don’t get as many recommendations for burgers as you might think, so when a reader wrote in and mentioned he had a great Burger at a new place in Davie I was off. Knucklehead Burgers are “made of a custom 100% USDA Certified Angus Beef blend of Sirloin, Brisket, and Filet Mignon”. It’s a no-brainer that I’m getting a burger but what else?

The Chili Cheese Dog catches my eye but I opt for the more sensible 1/4 lb Dog. Yes, that’s sensible when the other option is 1/2 lb. There’s also a difference in Dogs as the 1/4 pounder is a Hebrew National while the 1/2 pound is National Deli (one of my faves). I also forgot to mention the Burgers, Dogs and all sandwiches are served on fresh baked Buns. Some great stuff that makes a world of difference in quality. Nothing better than knowing someone is paying attention to the details. The Dog was split, filled with Chili and topped with shredded Cheddar. I did it up with some raw Onions too. My only mistake was not getting Mustard on it but I think I’ll live.

Chili Cheese Dog

Chili Cheese Dog

Instead of choosing their Fries which are of the frozen variety I went with the Black & Bleu Chips. These little fellas are Potato Chips topped with Bleu Cheese Dressing & Crumbles plus some of their Smoked Pecan Bacon (we’ll get to that shortly) crumbles. These are highly addictive and after we asked for a side of Hot Sauce (they use Rickey’s) to dip them in, they were the perfect side dish. Well, perfect except that I started sweating lightly on my brow.

Black & Bleu Chips

Black & Bleu Chips

My k.i.s.s. Burger had unwelcome visitors, mushrooms. I ordered my Burger with only American Cheese and some of their Smoked Pecan Bacon. While we were seated waiting for the grub I noticed the receipt said I had ordered a Swishroom Burger (w/Swiss Cheese & Mushrooms). By the time I mentioned it to them, the mushrooms had made it onto the Burger but at least I got my American cheese. I like Mushrooms just not really on my burgers, they tend to add a little too much moisture. I mean I was OK with it and didn’t go back and create a scandal as some folks love to do. Knuckleheads make mistakes and I’m sure they would have been more than happy to correct it if I had brought it up to them.

k.i.s.s. Burger (Keep It Simple Stupid)

k.i.s.s. Burger (Keep It Simple Stupid)

The only other thing the Burger had going against it was that the patty was significantly smaller than the bun, which is a mini pet peeve of mine. The Burger was great (cooked a beautiful Medium without asking), the bun was great but that Smoked Pecan Bacon is still the thing that stood out the most. You hear from everyone, “Applewood” this and that but this is probably the smokiest Bacon I’ve ever had. Plus, take a look at it above, it’s beautiful in a Bacon kinda way.

Fire Wings

Kamikaze Wings, eat at your own risk

As our eating escapade was winding down, wings were being offered around. I tried their “Hot” and liked it. I’m not so sure that they were good enough to crave but if you looking for wings and are in the area, they’ll do you better than Hooters.

I’ll be back as I’d like to try their “Rise & Shiner” with an Egg, Cheddar Cheese and some of that ridiculous Smoked Pecan Bacon. I’d have to be a Knucklehead not to.

Don’t Be One:

Knucklehead Burgers is CLOSED
4900 South University Drive Suite #100, Davie, Florida 33328

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  1. BoneLeeTadpole

    August 9, 2012 at 1:27 PM

    Sounds like quality important to them, except for the line about the hot sauce…

    • nsfeedme

      August 9, 2012 at 8:08 PM

       Hahahahahahah, maybe you need to pay them a visit and drop of some goodness