Burger Beast’s The Grinder is Back! And I need your help!

A few years back I did this cool Question & Answer thing with local restaurant owners, Chefs and some Food Celebrities called The Grinder. Well I’m bringing it back and I’d like for you to help me out.

We’re gonna go much more local for this series and we’re starting with the “Mad Scientist” Nedal Ahmad of Pincho Factory. Please send in a question you’d like for him to answer to thegrinder@burgerbeast.com. If your question is chosen and you won’t find out until the interview is live, you’re going to win something pretty cool for you and a guest. So make ’em good and if you’ve never read The Grinder, get with it!

Thanks for all the questions! Come back to BurgerBeast.Com on September 10th for the new Grinder!

Put Though The Grinder Already:

Chef Brett Reichler

Chef Jonathan Eismann

Chef Norman Van Aken

Jamie Deen

Ingrid Hoffman

Lee Brian Schrager

Chef George Duran

Chef Michael Schwartz

Chef Mike Saperstein

George Motz

Grill ‘Em All Truck