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As I normally do when I’m gonna check out a restaurant, I like to go in the afternoon right after the lunch rush. This particular morning my breakfast consisted of a cup of coffee and some plain white toast which meant I was ready to go once I arrived at the new BurgerFi in Aventura. And by go I mean eat not leave.

I stood and took in the menu just in case I had overlooked some new item on it online. Of course I ordered the Classic Cheeseburger which includes 2 patties, 2 slices of American Cheese, & a slathering of their Secret Sauce (which the first time I had it, I didn’t care for). I opted to go lettuce and tomato-less as usual. There are also some “Free” toppings like Grilled Onions or Jalapeño Peppers and “Premium Toppings” like a Sunny Side Up Egg will set you back a $1. Those are all fine and dandy but this burger is just so good alone that you’d be doing some major van damage by doing that. I can also confess that I’ve never ordered any of the toppings, be it Free or Premium so what the hell do I necessarily know. Well….I have had the Bacon. You gotta do what’s right for you but for me, Cheese & the Secret Sauce are it.

Classic Cheeseburger
Classic Cheeseburger

It clearly states that Cry & Fries is for 2. If you’re a fan of both Onion Rings & Fresh Cut Fries then I say, don’t share. The Onion Rings are gigantic and seasoned and irresistible. The Fries are so awesome I almost cried when I ran out of them. Almost….

Cry & Fries
Cry & Fries

After mourning over my fries I moved onto their Wagyu Chili Dog. Yes, the regular dog is good but pay a little more a get a way better tasting dog. So ask me, I know you’re dying to. Why would I then add Chili & Cheese to this spectacular wiener? Cause I could.

Wagyu Texas Chili Cheese Dog
Wagyu Texas Chili Cheese Dog

I did not order the Parmesan and Herb Fries with Garlic Aioli smothered on top off the Secret Menu but my friend did . He also ordered the VegeFi Burger served in Lettuce but this post is not the place for such blasphemy. The Fries looked great and there are a few other items on their “Secret Menu” you may want to know about and try. I’m not sure that it’s too secret but hey, to each their own.

Secret Menu - Urban Fries
Secret Menu – Urban Fries

Now that BurgerFi is finally in Miami Dade County we need to find a way to convince them to open a little bit farther South like near my house.

:::They are now open in Coral Gables:::

Get BurgerFi’d:

Facebook: BurgerFi Aventura
Twitter: @BurgerFi
Address: 18139 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33160
Phone: 305-466-0350

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