ACME Bakery & Coffee – Midtown, Florida – CLOSED

I tried really hard to stay up and be one of the first folks to walk into ACME Bakery & Coffee this morning at 7AM when they opened. I had one of those late nights which meant my visit was pushed to about 11:00AM. Since I couldn’t find a menu online anywhere I stood there really trying to figure out what would be the best thing for me to have this close to lunchtime since I hadn’t eaten breakfast.

My eyes were drawn to Lil Stephie’s Biscuits & Gravy (w/Lake Meadow Farm Egg) and the ACME Cinnamon Toast. So I take my seat and then realize I didn’t order anything to drink so I ask for the Latte made with Panther Coffee (Coffee Joint in Wynwood). I’m sitting there pretending to be doing something on my phone when the Frittata with Ham and Swiss Cheese catches my eye too. Hey, tack on one of those bad boys.

The Biscuits & Gravy first make their way to my table quickly followed by the Latte. After the prerequisite pictures were snapped I dig in. The biscuit was flaky and had the consistency of a great pastelito. The biscuits were covered as if a sausage gravy volcano had exploded all over it. The perfectly cooked sunny side up egg was peaking its yolk out and was also consumed by the tasty lava. Those little clumps of sausage goodness were great and right on.

Lil Stephie’s Biscuits & Gravy

Panther Coffee Latte aka Muy Bueno

I was so focused on my Biscuit that I neglected the Cinnamon Toast and didn’t really dig into it till I was almost done with the first dish. I’m two bites in when the Frittata makes its appearance. The Cinnamon Toast is great but Egg, Cheese, and Ham is a much more important part of my diet. Yes, the Frittata was very good and as I look at my watch I see that it’s now 11:16AM. In 14 minutes they start serving lunch. Do I finish this Cinnamon Toast and call it a day or stick it out and order lunch?

Cinnamon Toast

Virginia Ham & Swiss Cheese Frittata

A tough decision made very easy when Chef Danny Serfer (Blue Collar) walks through the door and offers to polish off my Cinnamon Toast, freeing me up for some lunch. The Hot Melty, their take on grilled cheese and the Meatloaf Sandwich is now up in the batter’s box. The Hot Melty was done right but I really should have added the Neuske’s Bacon or Fried Egg on top to take it over the edge.

The Hot Melty

I was reaching maximum capacity when I first took a bite out of the Meatloaf Sandwich. The onion marmalade added the flavor profile of a slider to it. It was like an old horror movie, Burger meats Meatloaf on some Toasty Bread. It could have also been a romantic comedy since I was definitely in love. Maybe a little mayo on the bottom bread may have made it perfect for me.

Meatloaf Sandwich

You’d think I would have been done but I needed to take some stuff home too. I have yet to be able to try the Cookies, Scones, Bread and a couple of Biscuits I also bought. I’m still too full 5 hours later but maybe when I’m back to hungry mode I’ll give you an update on those. Or maybe I’ll make it in at 7AM tomorrow and load up again. Only this time there will be Bacon, oh yes.

Not To Be Confused With Road Runner or Wile E. Coyote:

ACME Bakery & Coffee is CLOSED
Address: 3451 NE 1st Avenue Miami, FL 33137
Phone: 786-507-5799