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How Are You Celebrating National Taco Day?

Today is National Taco Day, how are you celebrating this glorious day? I plan to have at least 3 of these bad boys with different proteins. Who knows? I might go crazy and have 6, you never know with me.

If you’re in Kendall make sure to drop in to Latin House Burger & Taco where they’re running a Taco Deal today. All you can eat Tacos and all you can drink Dos Equis for $30 per person or if you only want the Tacos it’ll be $17. Tonight is also Karaoke Night so you can make a night of it.

Latin House Burger & Taco


Los Datos:

Latin House Burger & Taco Bar
Facebook: Latin House Grill
Twitter: @LatinHouseGrill
Address: 9565 Sunset Drive Miami, FL 33173
Phone: 786-564-LOVE

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