MB Brewhouse in Miami Beach, Florida – CLOSED

I was little late to the Chow Down Grill party, well….more than a little late. After being in the Miami Beach food scene for almost 2 years I checked them out right before they became MB Brewhouse. I actually hate myself for not going any sooner but at least a couple of Chow Down’s greatest hits made it onto the new menu.


Menu Page 1
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Some of the items above were not available when I hit up the newly minted Brewhouse. I was with 3 other folks, so we went Starter crazy and of course, I had to also try out the Burger.

The Brew House Wings were up first and served with Carrot slivers, Celery, and a homemade Blue Cheese Sauce. Fear, not those who shy away from heat, these Chicken fellas were covered in a creamy buttery Buffalo Sauce. This Sauce would also go great on Chicken Strips :::wink wink::::

Brewhouse Wings

The ladies in our group swooned over Mario’s Stuffed Mushrooms. Hiding under the cover of Brie Cheese is some Spinach and Bacon on a Mushroom Top with some breadcrumbs for good measure. This app is not something I would expect to see on a “bar” menu with its retro look but it was great.

Mario’s Stuffed Mushrooms Plate

Mushroom Top Up Close

The deep fried flying saucer-shaped Crispy Mac N Cheese was breaded and featured some bacon and a Garlic Aioli drizzle on top. If you’re a Mac n Cheese enthusiast then these pucks will satisfy those cravings. They were a nice surprise and I could imagine eating a bunch of these watching the next UFC PPV.

Crispy Mac n Cheese

The Cheese Steak Egg Rolls were my least favorite of all the starters. The rolls feature “sliced rib eye steak, sharp provolone, caramelized onion, bell pepper, mushrooms” with a side of Garlic Aioli for dipping. Look, I know I’m not having an authentic Philly style Cheese Steak but I’ve had many Cheese Steaks in my lifetime and these duders were missing a punch of flavor. The Garlic Aioli was great but even that couldn’t save this guy.

Cheese Steak Egg Rolls

Chili Cheese Fries……hands down, best thing I had!!! While I’m generally a stickler about frozen fries they did not hurt this dish one bit. The two main reasons this was so good was the homemade Chili (with pieces of Short Rib) and the Chive Sour Cream Topping. While I don’t see it on the menu, I’m sure if you beg them you should be able to order a bowl of Chili solo too. Don’t tell them I told you that 🙂

Chili Cheese Fries

The Original Burger which comes with American Cheese and the usual veggie toppings is a 10 oz. patty. If you’re scoring at home that means it’s over half a pound of grilled goodness. The Burger comes on a beautifully toasted bread that can handle its monstrosity. It actually reminds me in look and taste of the late great Kingdom which by the way is a giant compliment.

The Original Burger

In retrospect, I should have added some Bacon but there’s always next time. And there will be a next time, trust me.

This Can Be Your Brewhouse Away From Home:

Miami Beach Brewhouse is CLOSED
920 Alton Rd Miami Beach, Florida 33139

Comments (2):

  1. Jon Levy (@PanamaJon)

    October 23, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    Sorry to see Chow Down Grill is gone, I really loved it while it lasted. You can get lame greasy bar food anywhere.

  2. Alex

    October 26, 2012 at 12:08 PM

    So where’s the beer menu? It is a brewhouse after all.