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3 Chefs and a Chicken – Westchester, Florida

3 Chefs Large Chefén Sealed
3 Chefs Large Chefén Sealed

A little over 10 years ago a friend of mine was always talking about this place he loved to have lunch at in Kendall (107th & Kendall Drive) called Chicken Kitchen. I lived a couple of blocks from there but when he mentioned what exactly was on their menu I didn’t think much of it until I ate there. It was something as simple as Grilled Chicken chopped up, topping Yellow Rice with a couple of sauces available for slathering. I instantly became obsessed but I ended up moving out of the area a few months later.

Then it seemed everyone was doing their version of the Chicken Kitchen Original Chop with Pollo Tropical jumping on board and clones like Chicken N’ Grill & Natural Chicken Grill, one of which I believe was an original Chicken Kitchen owner/investor.

3 Chefs and a Chicken is another in that long line of copycats. The one difference I did find with 3 Chefs is that it seems an improvement over the original. There is only the one location located right near Tropical Park in Westchester and the parking can be a rough situation mostly because of the drive-thru. Yes, there’s a drive-thru and it’s very busy.

I always order the Signature Chefén which is “Chopped boneless breast (fresh never frozen) on a bed of your choice of rice with pita“, sometimes with a double portion of Chicken. You have the option of either Curry Mustard, BBQ, Sweet & Sour and/or Salsa Fresca Sauces to add as condiments. There are a few other “Cheféns” that include anything from Black Beans, Cheese or even Guacamole. Doesn’t sound good to you? There’s Whole or 1/4 Grilled Chickens and sides to choose from like Corn on the Cob, Baked Potato or Baked Plantains.

You wouldn’t think Grilled Chicken on Yellow Rice with some Sauce on top would be so good but it really is. I normally eat my Pita gradually over the course of my meal. I am warning you before you try it (if you haven’t already), the Curry Mustard is highly addictive. That liquid gold is made up of just four ingredients: Mayo, Mustard, Curry Powder & Water. The simplicity of it might be why it’s so good or maybe it’s the mayo, lol.

3 Chefs Large Chefén w/Pita Halves
3 Chefs Large Chefén w/Pita Halves
Curry Mustard
Curry Mustard
3 Chefs Large Chefén w/Drizzled Curry Mustard
3 Chefs Large Chefén w/Drizzled Curry Mustard

The best part of eating this is it’s filling. I don’t ever walk away from 3 Chefs and a Chicken feeling sluggish or horrible. I feel content and satisfied. What a nice change of pace.

Get Grilled & Possibly Sauced:

3 Chefs and a Chicken
Facebook: 3 Chefs and a Chicken
8195 SW 40th St. Miami, Florida 33155

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      • difficult, but not impossible…
        i originally met the chicken kitchen guys at bayside, where they started and then was asked to make their first neon sign, the restaurant was off red and close to sunset…during this time, their initial cook was “alex”, a super funny haitian guy with great teeth…when you got your chicken, rice and pita, it was a half breast, not chopped up, i being a regular customer, would request my chicken chopped up and mixed in with my rice…his english wasnt perfected at the time and when i would make this request, i would have to use hand motions of chopping and i would say “chop, chop” and then he would say, “okay, shop, shop”…i would nod my head and we were good…hence the beginning of the chop chop…NOW…the asshole “Christian”, and owner of chicken kitchen, will never admit to this, alex would, but he went on to another chicken joint in dolphin mall and now is perusing the ultimate haitian dream of owning his own cab…

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