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Dog Eat Dog Food Truck – CLOSED

Look at this fella! I’m hungry all over again.

Do you know what’s really good? The Chili Cheese Dog from Dog Eat Dog Food Truck.

I was standing in line waiting to order from a Food Truck (no I won’t name them) on Monday at Arts Park where I had a clear view of Dog Eat Dog. As I inched up closer to place my order all I could think about was why wasn’t I eating the Chili Cheese Dog from Dog Eat Dog. It was too much for me to handle and much like a Zombie lusting Brains, I needed a D.E.D. fix.

The Dog is wrapped in Bacon and smothered in their homemade Chili and homemade Cheese Sauce. I chose to skip out on the Potato Sticks as I’m quite content with just these toppings. The Chili which had no beans (Yes!) had the right amount of beefiness and a touch of sweet. It could have probably only been better by adding a dash of Hot Sauce, not their fault but mine.

I ordered 2 and pretty much inhaled them. It was almost as if I never even had them. So I ordered a 3rd just so my wife could try it but she was too consumed with her Asquerosito Dog. Your next question must be, what is an Asquerosito Dog?

It’s a Venezuelan Street Food Style Hot Dog with Garlic Mayo, Pink Sauce, Ketchup, Mustard, Corn, Raw Onions, Potato Sticks, and Parmesan Cheese. Another must try but it really is a bit of an acquired taste. In the meantime, take a good long look at the Chili Cheese Dog. It really is a thing of beauty.

Chili Cheese It Up:

Dog Eat Dog is CLOSED
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