Got some Questions for the Next Grinder Guests?

If you haven’t watch an episode of my new ChatChowTV produced webshow, The Grinder then you must be living under a tree. If you really haven’t then…

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And the next 2 Guests are……

Steph Vitori – Owner of Cheeseburger Baby

Steph Vitori, the owner of the 11 year old Cheeseburger Baby on South Beach.

Gino & Mercy from El Rey de las Fritas

Mercy Gonzalez, the heir to the El Rey de las Fritas empire.

We need your questions. Anything you’ve wanted to know? Send them in!

Please make sure to email your questions for our Mailbag segment to thegrinder@burgerbeast.com

Comments (2):

  1. Sheila

    November 13, 2012 at 12:09 PM

    1. What has been the key to your longterm success?
    2. How did you survive Five Guys moving in across the street and recession in one year? (Stephanie)