Yes, I Ordered Burger King Delivery

I had joked earlier in the week that I was considering ordering some Burger King Delivery. It did not go over too well with some folks but I honestly wanted to try it. Then 2 days when I typed in my address there it was, confirmation that BK Delivery was available in my neighborhood. By the time I got around to ordering it was past their hours of operation (they shut down a delivery at 10PM) and would have to wait one more day.

I finally decided yesterday was the day and implored via Twitter for someone to stop me:

Was I expecting the Burger King Delivery or BK Delivery as they’re calling it to change my thoughts on Fast Food? Absolutely not but I was interested in checking it out none the less.

It took 65 minutes after I placed the order online to receive my food.  The driver’s vehicle had one of those delivery toppers on it and the food was in the usual, an insulated black bag. The Whopper was in the new container with “proprietary thermal packaging technology“.

Whopper Container

The Fries, Onion Rings, and Chicken Nuggets came in a regular type container with holes cut out of it. I shall assume it’s to slow down the condensation inside of the box which causes everything to get soggy.

Sides Container

Everything else (Chicken Sandwiches & Cheeseburgers) came in their regular packaging inside of those nifty new bags with the 1971 Burger King on them.

The 1971 King on a Bag

Was everything crispy? None of the Chicken Nuggets, Onion Rings or Fries were crispy. All three of them were soggy but I actually now found out that I prefer their fries this way.

Chicken Nuggets

Onion Rings


Cold side stayed cold, Hot side stayed lukewarm and everything tasted as you would expect it to. The Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches and The Whopper were just a tad above warm which means either there were a bunch of deliveries prior to mine or that container for the Whopper doesn’t work. The American Cheese did look extra neon-ish yesterday.

Open Face Whopper Container

Whopper Toppings

Whopper Patty

This is Miami, home of Burger King and you can find one on pretty much every corner. I could have easily just jumped (well not jump but you know what I mean) into my car and hit up a BK and been back with my order in a third of the time but where would the fun have been in that?

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