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Judging BBQ at Pigs in Paradise

I had never even attended a “BBQ Event” before so when I was asked by the good people at Seminole Casino Immokalee if I’d like to be one of the judges for their 2nd Annual Pigs in Paradise I said yes. As I was parking it looked like a giant carnival in the distance but once I got up close I realized all the colorful banners were there to show off some of their BBQ titles.

The smell in the air was intoxicating and I’d never seen anything like this. There were 6 BBQ vendors doing their thing and 2 other folks selling Lemonade, Corndogs, Corn and all that festival type food.

The 6 BBQ Competitors were Aussom Aussie, Big Boned BBQ Co., Blazin’ Bronco BBQ & Rib Company, Fat Fred’s Famous Bar-B-Q, Johnson’s Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que, and Porky-N-Beans B-B-Q Company.

Everyone was here for the BBQ and I couldn’t wait to start judging. This was probably one of the trickiest judging assignments I’ve ever tackled since everything was similar yet different. These guys are pros and it really came down to subtle little differences in sauces or texture in most cases. It was blind tasting so even now I still don’t know which was the one I thought was best but in the Ribs Category Rib #1 was tops in my book.

The judging took place on Saturday, the winners were not announced until Sunday. I unfortunately was not there when the winners were given their trophies, BUT the Seminole Casino Immokalee Facebook Page did post the victors:

Grand Champion:
Porky N Beans

People’s Choice:
1st—Big Boned…2nd—Blazin’ Bronco…3rd—Fat Fred’s

1st—Big Boned…2nd—Porky N Beans…3rd—Blazin’ Bronco

Pulled Pork:
1st—Porky & Beans…2nd—Big Boned…3rd—Johnson’s

1st—Blazin’ Bronco…2nd—Porky N Beans…3rd—Johnson’s

1st—Blazin’ Bronco…2nd—Porky N Beans…3rd—Johnson’s

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