Gordon Ramsay BurGR to open in Las Vegas on December 22nd

Gordon Ramsay BurGR will be opening at the center-Strip Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas on December 22nd. Why BurGR? It’s a name that plays on the celebrity chef’s initials.

The BurGR menu will take the traditional burger, fries and milkshake comfort food combination to an entirely new level with selections like pork belly bao buns, sweet potato fries with vanilla powdered sugar and pudding shakes—a heavenly combination of thick milkshake and silky pudding. Whether traditional or unique burger preparations they will be crafted using the freshest, quality ingredients. Paying special attention to not only the ingredients but the method, beef patties will be cooked over an open flame fueled by hard woods, BurGR will be the only gourmet burger restaurant on the Strip to use this technique, creating a more complex and powerful flavor.

The BurGR:

  • Unique blend of three high choice beef cuts: Short Rib, Brisket & Chuck.
  • Milk-based Brioche buns made fresh daily topped with black and white sesame seeds
  • Devonshire butter-basted patty to add richness

The Fire:

  • Burgers prepared on an open-flame, wood-burning grill
  • Fire fueled with hard woods, 60% adler wood, known for distinct but lighter balanced smokiness 40% apple wood to provide fruity notes
  • Grill heats to 750 degrees

The Pudding Shakes:

  • Creamy handspun milkshakes
  • Generous section of intensely flavored pudding
  • Topped with varying flavored cookie crisps and a dollop of whipped cream
  • Flavors include chocolate milkshake with double chocolate pudding and caramel milkshake with butterscotch pudding

BurGR at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Opens December 22nd

Comments (1):

  1. Joseph Crane

    December 12, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    Wow, that place looks awesome. I hope their food is as delicious as it sounds. Looks promising, I can’t wait to go!