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Come Catch The Fish Box One Last Time At The 2013 Burgie Awards

The Fish Box Truck

The Fish Box was one of the trucks that gave the Miami Food Truck some credibility. You could always count on getting great food and service from the Fish Box. At the beginning of the summer the Fish Box went on hiatus as their focus was the expansion/addition of the dining area at their restaurant La Camaronera in Little Havana. With their 40th Anniversary approaching, La Camaronera will indeed be retiring The Fish Box Food Truck. But you can catch it one last time in Ft. Lauderdale on Saturday February 2nd in Esplanade Park at the 2013 Burgie Awards.

So long good friend, you will be missed.

That WAS a little dramatic, you can still hit up La Camaronera though.

Catch The Fish Box One Last Time:

The Fish Box
Facebook: La Camaronera – The Fish Box
Twitter: @LaCamaronera

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