Cinebistro Dolphin Mall – Sweetwater, Florida

There’s probably nothing worse than waiting through your entire work week to finally see the “big movie” and having to deal with knuckleheads who think they’re at a pool party. There’s a couple of ways to solve this. If you’re going to be checking out some indie fare then I’d suggest visiting O Cinema to get your culture fix. If big Hollywood releases are your thing then Cinebistro should be on your radar.

Yes, there is a premium price to be paid here but you must be 21 to watch a movie, and the seats are probably larger and more comfortable than what you’ve already got at your house. And this is where the bistro part of their name comes into play, they have a full restaurant menu. You could, of course, come in, watch and leave but you wouldn’t get the full experience.

You should probably check out the Cinebistro Menu online.

To dine at the theater you must arrive 30 minutes prior to the showing. It’s pretty unbelievable how quickly the food gets to you, right as the lights begin to dim. The food can be anything from serviceable to excellent and over the last few months, there are some particulars that I hope you take away from this post.

Beers, Specialty Drinks, Coffee (Mmm..Cortadito), Wine and Soft Drinks are on the drink menu. If you do choose a Soft Drink, make sure you ask for a refill which they will bring with your food. If not, you’ll need to step out of the theater mid-film for it.

The menu changes and I’ve seen some dishes come and go. The Chorizo Sandwich had all the right components to be great but it just didn’t deliver. It’s good to see they’re paying attention to what works and removed it.

Chorizo Sandwich

Chorizo Sandwich

The House Ground Bistro Burger has a special blend of beef cuts (Shortrib, Brisket, and Chuck). It served with Cheddar and a Special Sauce, aren’t all the good ones served that way? It’s way better then this theater has any business serving. Those of you who frequent the “Chains”, should come here instead. It’s 100 times better. Did you hear that Mom & Pop? lol

I prefer the Wagyu Sliders to the full sized Burger. That Spicy Red Onion Jam on the Sliders has it going on.


House Ground Bistro Burger


Wagyu Sliders

On the starters front, I’ve tried a bunch of them. The Croquetas are your standard meat sticks fried perfectly. No complaints here but they’re not house-made. I do like the Stone Ground Mustard served with them though.



The regular Fries are just run of the mill shoestrings but if you do need a potato fix then the Sweet Potato Fries are a better option. You can also ask them to give you a half Reg/half Sweet Fry order instead.

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

If you’re not very hungry but looking to just snack on something I’d suggest probably the CinéBistro Steak House Chips (Fresh cut Potato Chips topped with Short Rib, Gorgonzola Cheese, Bacon, Caramelized Onion, and a Malt Vinegar Steak Sauce), Popcorn Chicken (also available in Shrimp Or Calamari which are mixed with real Popcorn) or just Popcorn which is served in a ceramic odd shaped bowl. Free refills on the good ole but you would need to make the dreaded trip out of your safe haven.

There are some desserts on the menu but I didn’t indulge. My wife and her friend did order the “Chocolate S’mores At The Movies” one time. The menu describes it as “chocolate lava cake, homemade marshmallow, popcorn sabayon, graham popcorn streusel“.



They seemed to have really enjoyed it. I was too busy trying to figure out what to do with all the plates & cups I had collected and how to prevent them from falling off my little swivel tray.

Film + Food:

CinéBistro – Dolphin Mall
11471 NW 12th St Ste 615E, Miami 33172