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Pasion del Cielo – Coral Gables, Florida

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Pasion Del Cielo - Coral Gables, Florida

After watching a few folks I follow on Twitter continue to visit Pasion del Cielo with great frequency, my interests were piqued. I checked out their website and made a mental note that I need to hit them up soon.

I found myself in the company of my friend Gio last night (unfortunately), when the topic of Coffee came up. He was game for some caffeine at 11PM so we were off to the Pasion del Cielo Gables location. They’ve got a 2nd location near Dadeland and one soon to open in Midtown.

The coffee here is ground and made to to order. You will need to choose from the “Country” of your choice when selecting your beans. They’ve also got a nifty cheat sheet which lets you know on a scale of 1 to 4  the Aroma, Body, Flavor and Acidity of the bean in question.

Image Courtesy of Pasion del Cielo
Image Courtesy of Pasion del Cielo

I had the Nicaraguan Vanilla Latte. Yes, I am very fancy by going Vanilla. It was a great Latte probably one of the best I’ve ever had. The Vanilla flavor was just right. So right, that I didn’t add sugar; something that the Cuban in me felt compelled to do.

Now if I could only stop adding Sugar to my Cafe con Leche we’d be in business.

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Pasion del Cielo
Facebook: Pasion del Cielo
Twitter: @PasiondelCielo
100 Giralda Coral Gables, Florida 33134

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