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La Fiesta Mexicana – Westchester, Florida – CLOSED

La Fiesta Mexicana Sign

Folks are always talking about the lack of “Authentic” Mexican restaurants in South Florida but they must be looking in the wrong places. I seem to run into them all over the place. Even the bad authentic places are better than the brightly lit Tex-Mex “cantinas” chains all over Miami. How authentic is La Fiesta Mexicana? Well, there were only Mexicans eating here so that’s got to be a good sign, right? The Especiales board listed 3 Carnitas or Pastor Tacos for $5 U.S. I was definitely sold on that but I figured I’d throw in an order of Nachos, Enchiladas Verdes and Huevos ala Mexicana. I end up washing everything down with a Mexican Coke (the import version of Coke with Sugar Cane instead of Corn Syrup).

Especiales Board
Especiales Board

My heart just sank when they placed this dish before me. Nacho Cheese? Sour Cream? The chips were ok but this seemed like a dish created to appease the mall crowds. If you think Flanigan’s Nachos are great then dig in but these were not for me.

Chicken Nachos
Chicken Nachos

When I placed my 3 Al Pastor Taco order I was told they were just out. My split-second response was to go the 3 different Tacos route: Tacos de Carne Asada, Barbacoa, & Pollo (Chicken). The Chicken was exactly as I find it at most authentic Mexican joint, dry and flavorless. The Carne Asada was good but god damn was that Barbacoa excellente. The Barbacoa made me wish I had gone with 3 of them.

Carnitas, Al Pastor & Chicken Tacos
Carnitas, Al Pastor & Chicken Tacos

The Enchiladas Verdes de Queso came with the standard Rice, Beans, and Salad. My only issue was that Sour Cream replaced the Mexican Crema but the Beans & Rice were right on point. The Salsa Verde had just the right heat too.

Enchiladas en Salsa Verde
Enchiladas en Salsa Verde

The Huevos a la Mexicana (Scrambled Eggs with Onion, Tomato, Jalapeño, Cilantro) con Chorizo w/Rice & Beans was the unequivocal champion for me at La Fiesta Mexicana. There was heat from the Jalapeño hiding in the background with that great Mexican Chorizo flavor. The Onions and Tomato brought some added texture and depth to it. I could probably have this for breakfast everyone morning of my life and never complain. I would probably also shorten my life span by at least 10 years by having this daily but it might just be worth it.

Huevos a la Mexicana con Chorizo
Huevos a la Mexicana con Chorizo

I’m going to return and hope that I can get my hands on an Al Pastor Taco. If I don’t well….I’ll always have Huevos a la Mexicana to fall back on. Let me know if you hit this place up and how it goes in the comments area below.

Authentic Mexican Food in Westchester, Who Knew?:

La Fiesta Mexicana is CLOSED
10505 SW 40th Street Westchester, Florida 33165

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  • Melted yellow plastic (nacho cheese) on those chicken tacos? BLECH. Thank you for the review, but that pic alone might prevent me from hitting this place. Although the other stuff looked ok and I might get past that infraction and hit it up.

    Beast, regarding your comment about the flavorless chicken – this is one of the tell-tale signs…The chicken should NEVER, EVER be flavorless and without any sort of condimento. And that is why people bitch so much about the places we have access to here in Miami – it is those little things that kill it. How many times will I have to go to an “authentic” place down here and only find that the chicken inside the burrito, flauta, enchilada or on-top of the taco was a boiled and bland (not even salted in some cases) mess? What about the other little things these places violate? Like using Publix semi-sweet chocolate for mole sauce (Tex-Mex does this and also a handful of places down in Homestead)? Or what about using RAGU for enchilada sauce? Putting any kind of cheese on top of carnitas? Abomination. The list is so long I have to stop there. And now we have melted fake-cheese on top of chicken taco. OMG.

    Hey someone I know checked out a place in Kendall this past weekend and said it was “OK” (for Miami), which means that it “passed” and will probably go back (60% likelihood they said). You must understand that this person is Mexican-American from AZ, and has done nothing but complain about the Mex food down here. This is the first time I hear them say they will actually consider going back to a place. Well, come to think of it, I think they went back to Las Cruzadas in Homestead, but they claim even that place has fallen a little bit after it got popular.

    The place is called Las Cazuelas. No website, but found their menu on Urban Spoon:

    I’ll check this place out this weekend. I am hopeful. Thanks for the review!

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