New Chicken Sandwiches at Pincho Factory

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I dropped in to Pincho Factory yesterday to have one of their new Chicken Sandwiches. There’s a new Menu up where you can customize your sandwich and choose the protein of your choice. It made most sense for me to make my sandwich a Buffalo Blue Bacon Chicken. What’s nice about the Pincho Factory version of a Buffalo Chicken sandwich is that there’s no breading, just grilled breast of Chicken (aka el white meat). The sammy was great and I’m not sure if I could bring myself to have a different Chicken Sandwich as this one really hit the spot. And in case you were wondering, that little cheese crisp at the front of the sandwich was excellent.

Pincho Factory Buffalo Blue Chicken
Buffalo Blue Bacon Chicken Sandwich

I also had this Chipotle Dog in lieu of Fries. I thought you might want to get a look at it so there it is.

Pincho Factory Chipotle Hot Dog
Chipotle Dog

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