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I Checked Out Some New Burger King Breakfast Items

Over the last few weeks, Burger King has introduced a few new things to their Breakfast menu including a Bacon Gouda Muffin, Donut Holes & a bunch of Coffees. I don’t frequent Fast Food Joints for Breakfast often but if I do, McDonald’s is the place I’d normally hit up for their Sausage McMuffin w/Egg.

The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped the Bacon Gouda Sandwich was its size, it was slightly larger than the standard Muffin. It also seemed a little more artisanal than what you’d normally get at a fast food joint. The Bacon was also different from what I refer to normally as that “Burger King” freeze-dried Bacon. There was an herb spread on the bottom Muffin which complimented the sandwich well. I was pretty surprised to be getting something that tasted this good.

Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwich
Bacon Gouda Muffin

As part of the combo with their Hash Browns, I asked for a Large Vanilla Latte. It’s passable but doesn’t top local folks like Panther Coffee or Pasion del Cielo. And if you’re on the move, the fact that you can roll right through the drive-thru and get this is might be a giant plus for some folks.

Vanilla Latte
Vanilla Latte

I’m not about to turn a blind eye and pretend they’re making their Donuts in house but these yeast-based Donut Holes taste pretty good and will definitely fulfill that Donut craving when you’re in a crunch.

Donut Holes
Donut Holes

Burger King continues to expand its menu with some higher quality food. While it certainly wasn’t a 100% hit I’m glad that our local Fast Food juggernaut is still creating. And that’s a good thing. In case you were wondering, I always check out their new items from the nearest corporate store which is located a block from Burger King Headquarters.

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