Original Recipe Boneless Chicken From KFC Will Be The End Of Us All

Colonel Sanders w/Car

The countdown is on. In less than 7 days (April 14th) “The Greatest Day in Chicken History” will be upon according to KFC when they unveil their Original Recipe Boneless Chicken. It will be available in either White or Dark Meat (sans Bones & Skin). You might not see this as a big deal but KFC is moving towards a Boneless Chicken world. They are going against what they are known for & what the Colonel was all about, Chicken on the bone.

I grew up eating Kentucky Fried Chicken with my family once a week on our dining room table. I still have some great memories, trying to eat my Drumstick as quickly as possible so that my sister could not get the 2nd piece she wanted. I understand Kentucky Fried Chicken became a giant corporate machine that lost its soul but it also lost its flavor along the way. I haven’t eaten KFC in about 3 years (I tried the Double Down) and almost 10 years if were talkin’ on the bone. I have zero interest in trying this new fangled boneless Chicken. Do yourself a favor and spend your money on Colonel Sanders and the American Dream by Josh Ozersky instead, it’s what the Colonel would have wanted.



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