La Frita Queen – Homestead, Florida – CLOSED

Answer: La Frita Queen

Question: What is the farthest location south in Florida that you can find a Frita?

Frita Queen Sign

I’ve finally got an answer to that question.

La Frita Queen opened up in Homestead this weekend. Originally, La Frita Queen was a Food Truck (really a trailer). She may have done one or two gigs before closing up shop last year and I never had a chance to try her Fritas. One year later and she’s opened up a spot down in Homestead.

The Menu has a few sandwiches (Ham, Turkey, Croquette & Cuban) and Fritas (with optional Cheese). Frita Steak Sandwich, Frita Chicken Sandwich and Frita Dog round the mains. Those appear to be Frita-fied (with their fresh cut Julienne Potatoes). I was with Droolius and we ordered one with Cheese and one Original. They’re served on Burger Buns which is not my preferred bread for the Frita, that would be Cuban Rolls. The moment of truth, how were they?……Very good. The flavor profile is reminiscent of Morro Castle‘s style of Frita. The Cheese on the Frita was Swiss (an odd choice) and it wasn’t melted. That’s ok cause I really think without Cheese is the way to go here. Hopefully, an “A Caballo” is in the works, that’s a Frita topped with an Egg for you Frita Rookies.

La Frita Queen is CLOSED
28864 South Dixie Highway Homestead, Florida 33033