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LUNCH American Style – Downtown Miami, Florida – CLOSED

LUNCH American Style

When I saw that the Filling Station‘s new sister restaurant (there’s also a younger brother Reggae Tacos) in Downtown was going to be called LUNCH American Style I knew that the name had to be a riff on the early 1970’s comedy Love, American Style. L.A.S. owner Adam Feigeles confirmed it for me.  The menu at LUNCH American Style is his take on regional favorites like an NYC style Hot Dog, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Texas Brisket Platter which is smoked in house. It’s a pretty big menu and will probably take you 4 or 5 visits just to make a dent into it. See for yourself:

LUNCH American Style Menu Page 1 (click to enlarge)
LUNCH American Style Menu Page 1 (click to enlarge)
LUNCH American Style Menu Page 2 (click to enlarge)
LUNCH American Style Menu Page 2 (click to enlarge)

I started my LUNCH with a great cup of the Colorado Pork Chili.  It wasn’t a dense Chili and was topped with fried Tortilla slivers and a Key Lime Sour Cream. There was some heat so if you’re a bit of a wimp then this Chili is not for you.

I thought the Pork Idahos would make an ideal appetizer as it’s their version of Nachos but with fresh fried Potato Chips instead. The Kettle style chips are covered in a homemade Blue Cheese Sauce, house smoked Pulled Pork and Candied Bacon. If you have any intention of eating anything more here then do not attempt to eat this by yourself. This is the perfect dish to sit in front of the TV and watch your favorite sport (in my case MMA, and yes it’s a sport) with. It’s as delicious as it sounds and very hard to stop eating once you get going, proceed with caution.

Colorado Pork Chili
Colorado Pork Chili
Pork Idahos
Pork Idahos

I could have gone with the New Yorker (with Onions in Red Sauce) or even the New Mexico Dog (with Green Chile Relish) but I opted for the more pedestrian (the use of this word here is a bit of a stretch), Fenway Frank. It’s been years since I had Ketchup on a Hot Dog although the owner of Pincho Factory once asked me if I wanted some on my first visit there (never forget). The all-beef Hot Dog comes on a fresh roll which I wish had been toasted a little more but it did its job. It’ll be a while before I have the red stuff on one again. I chose the 4 Cheese Mac n’ Cheese (known here as Wisconsin) for my side dish. It’s topped with Potato Sticks and semi crumbled up mini Pretzels. The Mac was on point but I would have been ok without the sticks or pretzels. It might just be a preference thing but I probably would have liked it better if they had pulverized some of their Potato Chips (Mmmmm….) on it instead.

The Bourbon Street (Chicken Breast sandwich on buttered Texas Toast with American Cheese, sautéed Mushrooms and Scallions) capped off my meal at LUNCH American Style. The combination of flavors worked well for me and I’d definitely suggest ordering it. I don’t actually think my Texas Toast was buttered but I didn’t investigate to confirm that. I did sneak a couple of the Garlic Chips into my sandwich for added crunch, try it you’ll like it.

The "Fenway" Frank
The “Fenway” Frank
Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street w/Garlic Potato Chips

I’ll be back to have the Passion BBQ Brisket Platter, the Kentucky Fried Half Chicken, and their Mashed Potatoes. That’s only the beginning but next time I’m bringing friends for LUNCH.

P.S.: Yes, they have Burgers too.

UPDATE: They’ve added the option of Crushed Potato Chips with the Wisconsin (Mac N’ Cheese) on the Menu.

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LUNCH American Style is CLOSED
221 N.W. 1st Avenue Miami, Florida 33128

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