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Easy To Get Hooked On Savory Fritas Story From June 1984

It is easy to get hooked on the savory Frita, Barbar Gutierrez was right. Back on June 13, 1984 this story ran in the Miami Herald. It’s one of the stories I used for reference when I wrote “Let me tell you about the Frita” for edible South Florida in 2011 (Pages 1-2 and 3). Most importantly and why I thought I should repost it, it mentions that El Rey De Las Fritas cook Ortelio Cardenas was the 1st to add Cheese to the Frita Cubana. Just a few short months later in September of the same year, Ortelio would leave El Rey de las Fritas and open up his own Frita joint named El Mago De Las Fritas. And the rest as they say is Frita History.

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