Burger Beast’s The Grinder Webshow EP5: Mercy Gonzalez

Mercy Grinder Episode Header

Approximately 2 years I wrote a story for edible South Florida about the Frita Cubana. I interviewed Mercy Gonzalez and her husband Gino about El Rey de las Fritas for over 2 hours. We talked a bunch about the history of the Frita Cubana in Miami and how her late Dad had started cooking them originally in Cuba. It was fascinating. What really caught my attention was her passion for the business that her father started almost 40 years. She cares about her customers, about the product she sells and about doing everything just like her old man taught her. You possibly won’t meet a more honest and hard working restaurant(s) owner than Mercy Gonzalez. Oh and she’s also got a great sense of humor which is why I asked her to be on The Grinder.

“Maybe I even thought there was indeed some small possibility of a “good time”–but I surely had reason to know better. I did know better. But I walked straight into the grinder anyway.” – A.B.

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