Flip Burger Bar In North Miami Is Now Vega’s Burger Bar

Vega's Burger Bar Logo

Flip Burger Bar owner Emilio Vega didn’t just wake up one day and decide to change the name of his almost 3 year old establishment to Vega’s Burger Bar. Late last year he received a cease & desist letter from Top Chef Alum and Winner Richard Blais’ Flip Burger Boutique for use of the name “Flip Burger” with claims that they are planning a Miami location. The only real good news out of this entire deal is that Vega’s Burger Bar did not end up shutting down. I’ll still be able to come by and have a Burger with quite possibly the Best Mac n’ Cheese and Chili Cheese Dog in South Florida. 


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Vega’s Burger Bar
Facebook: Vega’s Burger Bar
1699 NE 123 Street North Miami, Fl 33181