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OTC Restaurant – Brickell, Florida – CLOSED

You down with OTC? (Yeah you know me)
You down with OTC? (Yeah you know me)
You down with OTC? (Yeah you know me)
Who’s down with OTC? (Every last homie)

I ate at OTC earlier this year and was blown away by it. I decided against writing about it because the pictures I snapped were a little too grainy and I didn’t think they did the food any justice. It took me a little bit to return but I’m back. I chose to skip the Mexican Coke this time around and had a Brooklyn Lager on tap instead.

Brooklyn Lager
Brooklyn Lager

Much like myself, OTC is about the comfort food. The Menu isn’t very large and is divided into several categories like Mac n’ Cheese, Grilled Cheese, Sandwiches and my favorite Salads. Everything is meant for sharing and is served on cutting boards and mini cast iron skillets. You must resist the urge to pick one up to move it or face the consequences. I almost did when I was shuffling around the dishes on my table.

The Chicken Fingers are breaded in Panko Breadcrumbs and fried crispy. They were excellent with the house made ketchup which had a very earthy taste, not my usual cup of tea but I loved it. The La Frieda Beef Slider is topped with a Quail Egg, Bacon and their Cheese sauce. In case you’re not familiar with what La Frieda is a reference to, you may want to read up on them if you’re a fan of beef. The simple answer is they’re a very well known meat wholesaler from New York/New Jersey area who create custom blends of beef for many high profile customers (including Shake Shack). They are just starting to break into the South Florida market and OTC is one of the few places you can find them. Now that you know that, it shouldn’t surprise you how phenomenal the Beef Slider is. They came in a set of 3. Two of the sliders had baby gherkins speared through the top while the other had a breaded & deep fried Bacon garnishing it.

Chicken Fingers
Chicken Fingers
La Frieda Slider
La Frieda Slider

Now onto my favorites dishes at OTC, the Braised Short Rib and the Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese. If you’re going to only order two dishes then I’d suggest these guys. This giant hunk of tender Short Rib could be one of the eight wonders of the world. One bite and you’ll rethink sharing it with anyone else, at least I did. On my first visit to OTC I ate the Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese and liked it so much that I ordered a second one a few bites into it. Nothing has changed, I love this guy. The Tomato Confit with the fresh Mozz on this sandwich has me mesmerized. If this Grilled Cheese was a dictator and asked me to help it take over the world, I would. On the healthier tip I also enjoyed the Roasted Mushrooms. They make a great side dish for the Braised Short Rib.

Braised Short Rib & Aparagus
Braised Short Rib & Grilled Aparagus
Short Rib
Short Rib
Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese
Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese w/Cast Iron of Roasted Mushrooms

Hey, what do you know, they have plates here. I’m not sure that this jar can contain the amazingness of this Key Lime Pie. It’s just the right amount of tart.

Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie Jar

It’s important to check out them out via Facebook to keep tabs on what specials they have going on. And Fatgirl Hedonist says the brunch is a must but I’ll let her tell you about that:

Fatgirl Hedonist’s VisitOTC in Brickell, Worth The Parking Nightmare

Yeah, you know me:

OTC Restaurant is CLOSED
1250 South Miami Ave Miami, Florida 33130

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