Burger King Rib Sandwich Is Here For Summer

BK Rib Sandwich

Last year Burger King’s Summertime Menu included a Bacon Sundae but they seem intent on topping that this year with the introduction of the Burger King Rib Sandwich. An obvious copy of the popular McDonald’s McRib Sandwich, the Burger King version will be available starting May 21st through the end of the summer along with the return of a line of Memphis Pulled Pork Sandwiches and Sweet Potato Fries. The Burger King Rib Sandwich was tested in Shreveport, Louisiana and did very well there. Let’s not forget Burger King also had those Fire Grilled bone in Ribs a few years ago that were pretty good considering where you were getting them from. I’m not a fan of the McRib so I’m definitely interested to see how this stacks up against it.

Source: Burger Business

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  • Wasn’t that impressed. I think they are going to have consistency issues. I didn’t have the sauce on both sides of the meat as described in another blog. I barely had any sauce at all. The bun only resembled the one in the picture. It was a pale imitation of the picture you see above. It wasn’t a bad sandwich. It just wasn’t dripping in BBQ like I like.

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