Hard Rock Cafe’s Burger Statistics & Grilling Tips

Hard Rock Cafe Classic Legendary Burger

To help celebrate Memorial Day Weekend the Hard Rock Cafe has prepared some interesting statistics about Burgers and if you’re planning on grilling this weekend, some tips to help your Burger be as good as it can be. Remember to always use fresh beef when grilling, it makes all the difference in the world.


State of the Burger – Statistics

  • One for the money, two for the show … 73 percent of people surveyed eat at least one and up to five burgers per month
  • Cheese please … 22 percent of fans cited cheese as their favorite burger topping, with Cheddar being the top cheese of choice for more than 55 percent of respondents (a shocking upset for American cheese lovers everywhere)
  • International relations … the American burger is best suited for a French companion with 60 percent of those asked naming the French fry as their burger’s perfect mate (a mild surprise to shake lovers)
  • Buns won … even in a carb-conscious world 89 percent of respondents wouldn’t think of enjoying a burger without a bun
  • Well played … 30 percent of burger connoisseurs surveyed prefer their burger cooked medium-well – with a slight pink center
  • Legendary griller … 26 percent of fans thought Bon Jovi would be perfect to man the burger grill at a summer-concert tailgate – beating out musical competitors like Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé


Grilling Tips

  1. Every component is important and needs to be FRESH (e.g. crisp lettuce, ripe tomatoes, etc.)
  2. Start with a high quality meat – Hard Rock Cafe, we use Certified Angus Beef
  3. For the best bun, use a fresh bun and lightly butter it before toasting on the grill
  4. The grill should be in the 550 degree range to sear meat well – the time it takes to cook will depend on the temperature of the grill and thickness of the burger
  5. You can flip the burger a few times, but no more than three
  6. Don’t press the burger to make it cook faster because you want the juices to seal in
  7. Don’t burger poke with a fork
  8. A great burger doesn’t need to be ‘overly-seasoned’ – simple salt and fresh ground pepper will do the trick to bring out the natural flavors

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