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Whataburger Ketchup & Mustard Now Available

Whataburger Ketchup

Fans of Fast Food chain Whatsburger’s iconic Fancy Ketchup are in luck as it will now be available to consumers in 20 ounce bottles exclusively at H-E-B markets (located in Texas & Mexico) this summer. The newer jalapeño-infused Spicy Ketchup (in 20 ounce  bottles) and their Original Mustard (in a 16 ounce bottle) make up the trio of sauces they’ll be selling but won’t be for sale at Whataburger restaurants, at least for now. If that’s not enough, a Potato Chip version of their french fries aptly named “Whatafries” will be found in the snack aisle at H-E-B too. If you’re not familiar with them, Whataburger is a Texas based chain of Burgers with locations in Northern Florida. And yes, the Ketchup is ridiculously good.

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