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National Burger Month

Last Night’s National Burger Month Closing Party

NHM 2013 Closing Party Poster

It was fitting that the grouping of Blue Collar, Josh’s Deli, Pincho Factory and Swine be dubbed the Burger Avengers by Tasting Table. And I was ok with being the Nick Fury of the group who helped to get these Chefs with diverse styles together. Every time I asked what dish any of them were preparing I didn’t get a peep until Josh Marcus from Josh’s Deli leaked that he and Danny Serfer from Blue Collar were going to create one giant dish called The Voltron Burger. The attendees seemed to enjoy not only the food but the camaraderie amongst the Chefs. Thanks to all of the restaurants for helping to close out National Hamburger Month 2013 in style!

Swine Burgers Being Prepped
Swine Burgers Being Prepped
Swine Team Action Shot
Swine Team Action Shot, Chef Phil Bryant in middle
Swine Burgers Ready To Go
Swine Burgers Ready To Go
The NHM Swine Burger
The NHM Swine Burger: Brisket & Bacon Patty with White Cheddar, Shaved Brisket and topped with Pickled Onions
Weird Gift From Josh's Deli to Pincho Factory
Weird Gift From Josh’s Deli to Pincho Factory
Pincho Factory Team Action Shot
Pincho Factory Team Action Shot
Pincho Burgers Being Prepped
Pincho Burgers Being Prepped
The NHM Pincho Factory Burger
The NHM Pincho Factory Burger: Harissa Spiced Lamb Patty, Dill & Honey Goat Cheese, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & Black Pepper Aioli w/sides of Fried Onions and House Made Zucchini Pickles with Summac Ketchup
Josh Marcus Action Shot
Josh’s Deli Josh Marcus Action Shot
BlueCollar/Josh's Deli Voltron Burger Preparation
BlueCollar/Josh’s Deli Voltron Burger Preparation
Daniel Serfer Action Shot
Blue Collar’s Danny Serfer Action Shot
Blue Collar & Josh's Deli NHM Voltron  Burger
Blue Collar & Josh’s Deli NHM Voltron Burger: Pastrami Muenster Cheese Juicy Lucy Patty topped with Roasted Pork, Rye Bun PMuffin, Brisket & Dijon Mustard w/ a Latke with Apple Sauce
Pincho Factory’s Nedal Ahmad talking to attendees
Some of the attendees
The Burger Avengers sans Captain America but with Hawkeye
The Burger Avengers: Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor & Iron Man, Captain America not pictured
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