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Eat St. Season 4 Featuring South Florida Food Trucks

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Cooking Channel’s Eat St., the show about Street Food is back with a Season 4 featuring plenty of Food Trucks from South Florida. There are 10 Miami Food Trucks featured and most of them have episode teasers available which I’ve added below for your viewing pleasure. You’ll need to check out the show’s TV schedule to see when exactly your favorite food truck’s episode will be airing. Look for Mr. Good Stuff‘s Alfredo Montero’s cameo in the Gypsy Kitchen episode and Fatgirl Hedonist‘s cameo in the Ms. Cheezious episode!

Eat St. South Florida Food Trucks Episodes

Season 4 Episode 1 features:

Mojo on the Go from Miami, Florida
Slidin Thru from Las Vegas, Nevada
Sanguchon from San Francisco, California
Hey Joe Filipino Street Food from Phoenix, Arizona

Mojo on the Go
Mojo on the Go


Season 4 Episode 6 features:

Gypsy Kitchen from Miami, Florida
Stick It from Houston, Texas
Lil Cheezers Gourmet Grilled Cheesemobile from Louisville, Kentucky
Some of ThisSome of That from Indianapolis, Indiana

Gypsy Kitchen
Gypsy Kitchen


Season 4 Episode 10 features:

Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies from Miami, Florida
The Dump Truck from Portland, Oregon
West Coast Tacos from Indianapolis, Indiana
The DUK Truck from San Antonio, Texas

Fireman Derek
Fireman Derek


Season 4 Episode 12 features:

Healthnut on Wheels from Miami, Florida
Drift from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Fogcutter from San Francisco, California
Society Bakery from San Antonio, Texas

Healthnut on Wheels
Healthnut on Wheels


Season 4 Episode 14 features:

CUBANCUBE from Miami, Florida
Pig on the Street from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Rickshaw from San Antonio, Texas
Ice Cream Social from Austin Texas



Season 4 Episode 15 features:

Purple People Eatery from Miami, Florida
Chomp Chomp Nation from Fullerton, California
Hogtown Smoke from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Vernalicious from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Purple People Eatery
Purple People Eatery


Season 4 Episode 16 features:

Dolci Peccati from Miami, Florida
Yumtown from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
KOI Fusion from Portland, Oregon
Fidel Gastro from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dolci Peccati
Dolci Peccati


Season 4 Episode 20 features:

SFT Bistro from Miami, Florida
Vij’s Railway Express from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Bongo Brothers from New York City, New York
Osaka Soul from Austin, Texas

Slow Food Truck aka SFT
Slow Food Truck aka SFT


Season 4 Episode 23 features:

Ms. Cheezious from Miami, Florida
Naaco from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hank Daddy’s Barbecue from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Scratch Food Truck from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gio from ChatChowTV eating a Ms. Cheezious creation
Gio from ChatChowTV eating a Ms. Cheezious creation

Season 4 Episode 24 features:

gastroPod from Miami, Florida
The Act from Edmonton, AB
Jack’s Chowhound from Dallas, Texas
Sassy Spoon from Minneapolis, Minnesota

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