Alberto Cabrera Cooking With El Mago De Las Fritas Wednesday June 12th

Bread & Butter with El Mago

Chef Alberto Cabrera of Bread + Butter (or Pan con Mantequilla for you Cubanazo types) was a little disappointed that I had not invited him to be part of the Frita Feast at the beginning of National Hamburger Month. What he didn’t know is that there was a good reason for that. I knew that he is a “Mago guy” as he likes to put it and I had been hard at work trying to convince Ortelio Cardenas better known by his nom de frita El Mago de las Fritas to invite Alberto into his kitchen. Now, what might seem like an easy task from the outside looking in, it is exactly the opposite when you’ve got someone who’s been doing things his own way for the last 29 years. You’re not just going to convince him to do something out of his regular routine. I’m pretty sure he’s still pissed at me for harassing convincing him to make me some Frita Fries 3 years ago, lol. After his daughter Martha and his son in law Barry wore him down too one night about it, Alberto showed up and sealed the deal.

Alberto Cabrera - El Mago

Alberto Cabrera with El Mago de las Fritas

On Wednesday June 12th from 7-PM El Mago and Alberto Cabrera will be cooking together at El Mago de las Fritas’ 29 year old joint. There is no pretense here, it’s 2 guys doing what they love and were meant to do, cook. They will each be doing 4 or 5 dishes that may or may not be disclosed beforehand. The menu will be à la carte which is great news for someone wanting a Frita from El Mago and an order of Platano en Tentacion from Alberto. It’s Ol’ School-New School, it’s Classico y el Invento and most importantly it’s gonna be a great meal for fans of great Cuban Comfort Food.

The Details:

El Mago de las Fritas & Aliberto Cabrera Dinner
Date: Wednesday, June 12th
Prices: Every Food Item is Available To Order Separately, There is NO admission fee
Time: 7PM – 9PM
Address: 5828 SW 8th Street West Miami, Florida